Valentine's Day gift 2023

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion for couples to remember how much they love each other, for singles to remember how lonely they are, and for everyone to remember how much money they spend to prove their love.

This Valentine's Day, Coddy doesn't forget you. We have a gift for you that will not leave you indifferent.

What original gift to give on Valentine's Day?

Flowers, chocolates, deja-vu for Valentine's Day, right? How about giving your lover an experience with Coddy?

Coddy offers urban adventures, geolocated urban Escape Games that, with the help of your smartphone, will make you discover a city while playing, through riddles in unusual scenarios, but totally fun! A nice original(!) stroll for lovers 😍

Gift for the couple

Why, in 3 points, an urban adventure with Coddy would be the perfect gift for a couple?🤔

  • It's super cool

  • It's really cool

  • It's ultra cool

Seriously, though, going on an adventure with your partner and solving lots of cool puzzles is a great way to test the strength of your relationship. A bit like a visit to Ikea, you know. It's time to test their intellectual abilities and their sense of direction. But also, and above all, to unite and stand together in the face of the challenge. And finally, it's really cool.😌

Valentine's Day activity

Coddy offers you a unique moment with your loved one this Valentine's Day. An urban escape game, that's not bad, right?

To get out of the routine, it's the ideal gift! An original romantic outing that allows you to discover a city (or re-discover your own) as well as to have fun while playing and following a unique scenario.

The perfect gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend

You thought of offering a city-trip to your other half for Valentine's Day? Not bad Karen, but you can do better!

Coddy completes your city trip by making it much more fun with its urban adventures.😉 With the many destinations available in our catalogue, you won't have any trouble finding the game and the city, outside your country, that will make your gift just PERFECT!!😌

A nice gift for men and women

We suggest you our Gift Box! What is it exactly? 🤨

A nice box with a golden ticket, a booklet with some information about our scenarios and a riddle on the box! Yes, you'll be able to play directly when you give the gift!

How to celebrate 14 February

I think you have no choice but to head to Coddy to make sure your" sweetheart" has a good, funny and unforgettable experience with Coddy on 14 February!