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What to do in Namur?

Updated at: 11-02-2021

No more need to explain our series of "What to do in" (a bit like on Netflix), you understood the concept: I'll introduce you to the must-see and quite nice to visit places in Namur . I'll leave you to your reading and don't hesitate to check the other articles about other Belgian/French cities to discover. 

Citadel of Namur

Route Merveilleuse 5000 Namur BE

Attention the information that will follow may shock you but this citadel has almost 2000 years of history! And yes, this building has managed to preserve several elements and constructions of past eras. Adapted for visits, this place is waiting for you to reveal all its secrets of history. Moreover, this museum developed a visitor center called "Terra Nova" which will explain you everything in a playful, interactive and educational way. Admission is charged but remains quite affordable and you will not be disappointed to discover this citadel.

Belfry of Namur

Namur België - Belgique - Belgien

Its old name was "The Tower of St. James" but the city decided to change its name because people didn't think it was a belfry. This beautiful tower dates back to the 16th century (you have to learn something in this article). This belfry has been registered by UNESCO as a "World Heritage Site". Very nice, isn't it? 

Queen Fabiola Attractive Park

Route Merveilleuse 64 5000 Namur BE

Finally a fun place to visit in Namur. This park will please young and old. You will be able to do a lot of activities such as a climbing circuit "Jungle Piste" (from 8 years old), a mini-golf (18 holes), driving electric cars, pedal go-karts, making trampolines, playing a giant chess game,... Not bad eh! And for the little ones, there is a large playground (castles, swings, cable cars, suspension bridge, balancing games, 11-meter high tower-toboggan, etc.), with an area reserved for 3-6 years old and a "Galaxy" area for 6-12 years old. The older children can enjoy a beer on the terrace and have a bite to eat during this time.

The Namourettes of Namur

Quai des Joghiers 5000 Namur

Mmmmh a little trip for lovers on small whale boats to discover the city of Namur. Come on, put some glitter in her life and take her on the water to sail towards love and tenderness! You will discover Namur with another eye like that. To be done as a lover or as a family. Be careful to look at the opening hours and especially when is the last shuttle. 

Perfumery Guy Delforge

Route Merveilleuse 60 5000 Namur BE

Do you want to know how to create a perfume? You will have to go to this perfumery that will show you the traditional way to make a perfume. It's a unique center in Northern Europe, located in the bowels of the Citadel. It adds a medieval side which is really nice to discover. *snif* Do you smell that sweet scent of discovery?

Guy Delforge's workshop © Maison Delforge

Saint Loup Church

Rue du Collège 17 5000 Namur BE

The Saint-Loup church, located in the historical center of Namur, is one of the treasures of ancient baroque art in the south of Holland. Registered in the special heritage of the Walloon region, it offers an impressive interior decoration by the size and the quality of the decoration. Moreover, in 2021, the church celebrated its 400th anniversary! Happy birthday from Coddy!

The fortresses of Namur

Route des Forts 5100 5100 Namur BE

The country of Namur is an unknown and sometimes surprising universe with an extraordinary military heritage. The location of the fortress of Namur is part of this complex and interesting domain. According to the order of General Brialmont, nine strategic fortresses were built on both sides of the Meuse river to provide the entity with the highest degree of protection against a possible French invasion. You can only visit the fortresses of Saint-Heribert and Emines. The Fort of St. Helbert offers a multitude of activities throughout the year.

The museum of computer science

Rue Henri Blès 192 5000 Namur BE

Belgium's first computer museum opened in Namur. From your computer to your smartphone, you will discover an incredible adventure. With the support of the King Baudouin Foundation, the private collections supported by the four pioneers are brought together here, and the foundation now ensures the conservation of the museum and its exhibition. After that, don't ask any more questions about the appearance of the telephone and be glad you have one. 

Museum of Ancient Arts of Namur

Rue de Fer 24 5000 Namur BE

The museum is housed in the 18th century protected hotel of Gaiffier d'Hestroy and presents medieval and Renaissance collections belonging to the Archaeological Society of Namur and Saint The extraordinary medieval treasure of Nikolai Onion. Well it's all serious ! The works that make up this treasure are the works of the goldsmith Hugo d'Oignies or his workshop. The museum has a collection of sculptures and paintings, including a large number of works of the Mozan painter Henri Blés (Henri Blés, 16th century) from the province of Namur, religious and folk goldsmiths.

We are at the end of this article but the adventure is just beginning thanks to Coddy who will allow you to visit the streets of the city of Namur as well as some of the places which were described in this article.

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