If you have arrived here, it is because you are in Brussels and don't know what to visit. Or you want to find out more about the city of Brussels, which is nice too, but really, come and visit it, I promise you it's worth the detour! You can read all the information about these 10 places in Brussels just by scrolling a little bit on this article which has been written with a touch of "belgitude" (belgian touch)

The Brussels Baths

1000 Ville de Bruxelles - Stad Brussel België - Belgique - Belgien

It is an establishment where the public baths of the city of Brussels are located. Located in the Marolles district, you won't be able to miss the building (it is very big) because it has five levels, swimming pools and public baths-showers. Why was this building built? Quite simply for the inhabitants who had no sanitary facilities. These baths are also intended to allow the population of the neighborhood to respect their personal hygiene.  In addition, the swimming pool in these baths was built in a modern "Art Deco" decor. Attention it is not nudist, so bring your swimsuit!

Royal Conservatory of Brussels

1000 Ville de Bruxelles - Stad Brussel België - Belgique - Belgien

Created in 1813, the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, located near the Porte de Namur, received its official name in 1832. Offering courses in music and theater, the institution became famous in part because of the international reputation of its successive directors. Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone, also studied at the Brussels Conservatory. And yes, there are still many other artists who came but it would take too long to mention them all and you would blush...

Brussels Central Station

1000 Ville de Bruxelles - Stad Brussel België - Belgique - Belgien

Brussels Central Station is a famous metro and railway station in the center of Brussels. It is the second busiest station in Belgium and one of the three main stations in Brussels, along with Brussels South and Brussels North. Completed for the first time in 1952 after long delays (typical for the NMBS) caused by economic difficulties and the war, it is the newest of the main railway hubs in Brussels. Well it remains only a station but it is the most beautiful in Brussels.


Brussels Park

1000 Ville de Bruxelles - Stad Brussel België - Belgique - Belgien

A short walk in a large green space is still possible in Brussels. To do so, you have to go to the Brussels park located near the central station. The old name of the park was the Royal Park of Brussels. It's a bit prestigious as a name but we Belgians like to brag, it's still in the heritage of Brussels. You will be able to walk with your lover or with your family in this magnificent park where you can observe statues and parts of the castle of Laeken.

The Monument to Work

1020 Ville de Bruxelles - Stad Brussel België - Belgique - Belgien

The Monument to Work is located in the district of Laeken, north of the large Vergote basin, on the Yacht Quay. I can't be more precise than that unless I give you the GPS coordinates! This statue was built in 1930 by Mario Knauer (between plumber and sculptor he is everywhere this Mario). This monument was made in honor of workers and represents several sectors and jobs of the past such as miners, workers, ... Imagine if we had to do that today: we would have Netflix, a smartphone and a bed on the statue!

Forest of Soignes

Chemin de la Forêt de Soignes 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort BE

The Forêt de Soignes is a place where the people of Brussels enjoy nature, it is an impressive green space, partly located south of Brussels. One of its characteristics is the extension to three regions of the country, which are managed by three different administrative entities: the Brussels-Capital Region, the Walloon Region and the Flemish Region (still a bit of the Belgian way). During your visit in the forest, you will have the opportunity to admire part of the main heritage: the ruins of the former monastery of the Rouge Cloître, the racecourse of Boitsfort, the Tournay-Solvay park, the castle of La Hulpe and even the Royal Museum of Central Africa.


Magritte Museum

Place Royale 1000 1000 Ville de Bruxelles BE

The Magritte Museum was inaugurated on June 2, 2009 in a 2500 square meter building belonging to the Royal Museum of Art of Belgium. This collection is part of one of the richest in the world. It includes more than 200 works, including oil paintings, gouaches, drawings, sculptures and objects painted on canvas, as well as advertising posters, musical scores, old photos and film productions. The Magritte Museum is totally in his image and is the world reference center for knowledge of this artist. It's impressive isn't it?!

Train World Museum

Place Princesse Elisabeth 5 1030 Schaerbeek BE

The new Train World Museum is an exhibition of the past, present and future of railways. The most beautiful works from the completely renovated collection of the history of Belgian railway material are open to the public! All these valuable works will be exhibited in an appropriate environment to make you feel comfortable and happy (this is the main one). Why choose Schaerbeek? Schaerbeek station is one of the jewels of Belgian railway architecture, located on the first railway line in continental Europe. The location is also easily accessible by train, streetcar and car.

Royal Palace

Place des Palais 1000 1000 Ville de Bruxelles BE

This building was built on the seat of the former court of the Duke of Brabant, which burned down in 1731. Beginning under the reign of King William in 1820, it was rebuilt in 1904 by Leopold II and rebuilt in the Louis XVI style. The history of the side wing dates back to the 18th century, with two pavilions on either side. The "civil list" on the left and the "Hotel Bellevue" on the right are the Bellevue Museum currently dedicated to the history of Belgium.

The Heysel

Heysel 1020 Ville de Bruxelles BE

You wish to enrich your culture while enjoying the green space? Discover Heysel! The people of Brussels are located close to the royal territory and come to walk, have fun or have a picnic. Heysel is an ideal place to cycle and explore the many historical treasures that are scattered throughout the area. It is also a place to manage with a calendar of events. Every summer, dozens of music festivals are held here. The Brussels Expo, the King Baudouin Stadium and the Palais des Nations 12 attract a variety of events. There are exhibitions, exhibitions, concerts and sporting events throughout the year.

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