For a trip to Leuven, or Leuven-la-Vieille as you prefer, here is a list of some places to see and activities to do to discover the city! 

Groot Begijnhof

Groot Begijnhof Benedenstraat 3000 Leuven BE

The Great Beguinage of Leuven is the oldest and largest of the two beguinages in the city. Construction began in the 13th century and was completed in the 17th century. It has been classified as a historical monument since 1987 and a World Heritage site since 1998. Located south of Leuven, there are more than 80 houses and convents. The main entrance is via the Schapenstraat. Today the houses are occupied by students or professors of the KU Leuven (the university).

Leuven Town Hall

Grote Markt 3000 Leuven BE

Have you ever seen a more spectacular town hall? Not sure! It is a Gothic building considered a masterpiece of Brabantine Gothic architecture. Today its function as a town hall is no longer: it is used for ceremonies and as a tourist office. You can still visit it. It has 236 statues to its credit and not just anyone encouraged the city to place them: Mr. Victor Hugo himself.

St. Peter's Church, Leuven

Grote Markt 3000 Leuven BE

Another impressive Gothic monument in Leuven is the collegiate church of St. Peter. It is the only one, together with the Magistral Church-Cathedral of los Santos Niños in Madrid, which can bear the title of Magistral Church, which implies that all its canons are professors at the University of Leuven. It dates from the 15th century and is located opposite the Town Hall. 


Kardinaal Mercierlaan 3001 Leuven BE

Before belonging to the KU Leuven University, the castle passed into the hands of several families, including the De Croys and the Dukes of Arenberg. Today it is home to the Faculty of Science and Technology. Open to students but not to external visitors.

The Little Beguinage of Leuven

Klein Begijnhof 3000 Leuven BE

The Little Beguinage of Leuven is situated to the north of the city and has also existed since the 13th century. There used to be one street and two alleys where the beguines lived. The Abbey Sainte-Gertrude is located very close to the Little Beguinage. Today there are about thirty houses left. 

Park Abbey

Abdij van Park 3001 Leuven BE

The Park Abbey is located in Heverlee, near Leuven. It is a huge complex which includes an abbey, a library, a museum, a vegetable garden, an orchard, meadows, ... The PARCUM museum exhibits a heritage never shown before. Stroll along the ponds, have a picnic in the sun or in the brewery "De Abdijmolen": the abbey's mill. For children, we recommend the farm and its fresh produce shop. 

University Library

Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein 3000 Leuven BE

There were three great universities in the history of Leuven, each of which had its own library. The first university library was founded in 1636 in the Cloth Hall. The one that still exists today is the library of the Catholic University of Leuven located in a building in Flemish neo-renaissance style. Twice burnt down, it now has 4 million books. The interior of this library is similar to the world of Harry Potter and many visitors come here to discover its history, its exhibitions and its panorama on the 5th floor (balcony of the tower).

Oude Markt Leuven

Oude Markt 3000 Leuven BE

Fancy a drink? Impossible not to find what you are looking for in this square. There are practically only cafés, bars, brasseries and restaurants here. That is why this square is called the "biggest bar in Europe". It is the meeting point for students and also for anyone who wants to have a drink on the terrace.

Shopping in Leuven

Diestsestraat 3000 Leuven BE

The city of Leuven is known as a great place for shopping. Between the various shopping streets, local shops, markets, second-hand shops and ecofashion you will have plenty of choice for your shopping! The shopping street by excellence is the Diestsestraat but it is in the Brusselsestraat that you will find the small local shops. On Sundays you can also go shopping: every first Sunday of the month the shops are open.  

Is Leuven your next destination?

In addition to the places mentioned in this article, find many more in our games! Our Escape Games and treasure hunts in Leuven will make you visit the city in a different way. Combine play and discovery and have a great time in Leuven!

Zombie Invasion - Leuven

Zombie Invasion - Leuven

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