A weekend planned in Mons? Here are the things you shouldn't miss in the city of Doudou during your trip! Monuments, museums and even an original means of transport: you'll find it all in this article.

Grand-Place de Mons

Grand-Place 7000 Mons BE

In the heart of the city of Mons is its Grand Place. In addition to the town hall which does not pass unnoticed, you will mainly find cafés, bars and restaurants on this large square. Don't miss, at the foot of the town hall, the Grand Garde monkey: a small monkey to stroke on your head for good luck (if the sanitary conditions allow it, of course). Symbol of Mons, just like the dragon, which is very close by. It is moreover on the Grand Place that the famous fight of Saint-Georges against the Dragon takes place, every year, during the Doudou. 

Belfry of Mons

Rue des Gades 7000 Mons BE

Another unmissable symbol of Mons: the Belfry. Recognised by UNESCO, overlooking the whole city, you can visit it and climb its 365 steps (or take the lift) to arrive, 47 metres higher, and discover a magnificent panorama over the city of Mons. It is the only baroque belfry in the country! You will find there an interpretation centre dedicated to its history.

The Mayor's Garden (Jardin du Mayeur)

Grand-Place 7000 Mons BE

A little corner of greenery just behind the town hall: it's the Jardin du Mayeur! The sculpture of the Ropieur is famous there and it will splash you if you get too close. If you want to listen to the carillon of the Belfry, this is the place to come and settle down.

Saint Waltrude Collegiate Church

Rampe Sainte-Waudru 7000 Mons BE

236 years: that's what it took to achieve this result! Opened in 1450, the building site experienced several difficulties due, among other things, to the destruction caused by the wars. It is a collegiate church that is absolutely worth a visit, especially for its Car d'Or. During the procession, the chariot goes through the town and it is when it enters the collegiate church that the wind stops: the Car d'Or must go up the Sainte-Waudru ramp in one go, otherwise the town will suffer a misfortune in the course of the year. 

The Doudou museum

Grand-Place 7000 Mons BE

What is the Doudou ? Every year, the people of Mons organise a Ducasse, the Doudou: a local festival during which the inhabitants of Mons celebrate Sainte-Waudru and the legendary fight of Saint-Georges and the Dragon. The museum tells you the history of the Doudou, the legends and everything that revolves around them. Recognised by UNESCO, this event is well worth a visit, and the museum will explain everything there is to know about the famous Ducasse de Mons. 


Grand-Place 7000 Mons BE

An original ride in Mons during which you will be taken in this special vehicle to tour the city. Your guide will take you to the most important places in Mons while explaining anecdotes, historical facts, etc. about the city. A great activity to do as a duo or trio!


Rue Neuve 8 7000 Mons BE

The BAM is the Fine Arts of Mons. It is here that one finds more than 15,000 works of art in a very luminous building with a fascinating contemporary architecture. Exhibitions and events are organised all year round. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Visit the BAM website for current exhibitions.  

Go to Mons!

To discover this city to the end, and not only through this article, go to Mons - with your family and friends - for a weekend to visit the city of Doudou. Take the opportunity to try out our urban Escape Games: they will take you around the city in a different way and you will visit while playing, which will appeal to young and old alike!

Zombie Invasion - Mons

Zombie Invasion - Mons

Your city is put in quarantine: the Z-1 virus has spread and many citizens are infected. Resources are scare, hundred of zombies wander the streets. You and your team only have one way out and only 120 minutes to reach it.

Play Zombie Invasion - Mons
The Alchemist - Mons

The Alchemist - Mons

"The Alchemist" is an urban Escape Game played in the streets of Mons. You will play the role of an alchemist who investigates the strange accusation of witchcraft of a village girl. Will you be able to solve this investigation, based on real facts, in time?

Play The Alchemist - Mons