Here we go again in our series of "What to do in ...? "across Belgium. Finally thanks to these articles, you will soon know everything you need to do in our beautiful country! By the way, if you haven't read the others yet, we invite you to discover the big Belgian cities on our blog.

Anyway, you are here to know the interesting spots and places to visit in Tournai, so let's get started right away.

Tournai Cathedral, Cathedral of Our Lady

Place de l'Evêché 7500 Tournai BE

So many adjectives make Cathedral of Our Lady a true jewel of medieval architecture. This masterpiece of Western art is the only Belgian cathedral on the UNESCO World Heritage List and traces the landscape of Tournai a few kilometres away. An important step to discover Tournai! Don't hesitate to go there to discover this monument that cannot be ignored.

The Tournai Belfry

7500 België - Belgique - Belgien

To discover the magnificent panoramic view over the city of Tournai, you will have to climb 257 steps and above all a reservation must be made online in advance (family bubble, maximum 8 people). The Tournai belfry, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is the oldest belfry in Belgium. It is a real watchtower from the 12th century, overlooking the Grand Place of Tournai from a height of 72 metres. 

Pont des Trous

Quai Donat Casterman 7500 Tournai BE

Walking along the Scheldt, you will find the famous Hole Bridge, one of the most prestigious medieval architectural relics in Belgium (well, today you won't find much except cranes and workers). Built at the end of the 13th century, this lock was part of the second municipal wall of Tournai, with 18 gates and defending the Scheldt road through the city. The enormous gate can slide, preventing entry into the city via the Scheldt. From the outside, the tower is circular and is more resistant to shells. But nowadays, the bridge is being deconstructed to be completely rebuilt in this medieval style and to allow more river traffic by enlarging the central arch. 

Grand Place

Grand Place 7500 Tournai BE

Discover one of the most beautiful and authentic main squares in the country! The triangular shape of this square makes it a must for tasting one of the classic Belgian dishes or a local beer. Did you know that Tournai holds the record for the number of catering establishments per inhabitant?

Musée des Beaux-Arts Tournai

7500 België - Belgique - Belgien

This building is the only museum ever designed by the architect Victor Horta, its original design was in the shape of a "turtle". Organised in chronological order (started in 1928, and his first project dates back to 1907), it is undoubtedly one of the first prototypes of a "modern" museum of international stature! So isn't that impressive?

The natural history museum

Rue Saint-Martin 52 7500 Tournai BE

The natural history museum is characterized by a living box, among live fish, tarantulas, amphibians and reptiles, these creatures evolve in reconstituted habitats. As a result, along with the glass caiman, the poisonous Amazon frog, the rare Egyptian sea turtle or the Jamaican python and other strange species, they are now threatened with extinction. The museum participates in the program for the protection and reproduction of endangered animals. The museum is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (E.A.Z.A.). The association brings together the largest zoos in Europe and its main task is to protect endangered animals through coordinated breeding programs and to raise public awareness of nature conservation.


Picture @visittournai

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Zombie Invasion - Tournai

Zombie Invasion - Tournai

Your city is put in quarantine: the Z-1 virus has spread and many citizens are infected. Resources are scare, hundred of zombies wander the streets. You and your team only have one way out and only 120 minutes to reach it.

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