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What to offer?🤔

The festive season has begun! Christmas and New Year's Eve mean gifts for the whole family! 
Parents, children, brothers/sisters, cousins, grandparents, everyone is involved. And, finding gift ideas for all of them is laborious to say the least. 😮‍💨

So to avoid buying a candle for your sister at the last minute, a voucher from Club for your mother-in-law or a pair of socks for Grandpa, here's a non-exhaustive list of nice gifts that are always a pleasure to receive!🎁

1. Gift ideas for parents

Socks for dad, jewellery for mum, it's the same every year! Fortunately, they always have the courtesy to act like they like it when they open your wobbly presents. But this year, everything will change! With our selection of gifts, you can be sure to give something special that will make them smile.😊

  • An Urban Escape Game: in the themes proposed by Coddy, creators of urban adventures, you can be sure that the "Explore" games will please your old people! These are urban treasure hunts, in which your father will have fun finding clues hidden in the city to answer questions and your mother will marvel at the beauty of the chosen city. On a romantic weekend, they can embark on the adventure together.
  • The Kube: a box offered every month with a paperback or large-format book and other little extra surprises. Lots of literary discoveries for the year (or less, you choose)! Or a box with several books and treats for more pleasure in one go.
  • An entry to a spa: for two or one, it's always a gift that makes you happy. A moment of relaxation between sauna, hammam and jacuzzi. And why not with a massage as well.
  • A gastronomic menu: rather than offering a meal in the eternal local pizzeria, offer a culinary experience! A multi-course menu in a gourmet restaurant: some are quite affordable (for a lunch for example).
  • A ticket to a play

2. Gift ideas for parents-in-law

Didn't your mother-in-law laugh at last year's muzzle? This year, you should avoid the dirty tricks and be more subtle in the way you send out messages. 
In the meantime, to keep the entente cordiale with your in-laws, we've put together a selection of respectable gifts that will make you look like the best son-in-law / daughter-in-law in the family. 

  • An Urban Escape Game: in Coddy's Alchemist or Sorcery in Durbuy, you find a witch story. This is a more subtle way of getting the message across to your mother-in-law. Other themes are also available. With an urban Escape Game, you're sure to get rid of them for at least an hour and a half!
  • Comic books: everyone likes to read, normally! And if that's not your in-laws' cup of tea, comics are still a cool alternative to long novels.
  • A tasting basket of local specialities: whether you come from the capital, the countryside or the coast, you must have some good culinary specialities around you to try. Small delicacies are always appreciated!
  • A wellness weekend. Firstly, it would be a weekend without a forced Sunday meal for you. Secondly, it would be an opportunity for them to rest completely and come back totally relaxed (so less boring).
  • A ticket to an opera 

3. Gift ideas for grandparents

Giving your grandparents four planks of wood won't get you back in the will, let alone a direct entry into heaven. To make them happy, just look at the list of gifts we've put together below to spoil your dear grandparents.

  • An urban Escape Game: the Alchemist of Coddy for example. A medieval story that will remind them of the good old days! The aim is to investigate whether Josyne, accused of witchcraft, is really a witch or not. And if you're looking for a family game to play with them and the kids, think about Peter Pan! Two levels of difficulty to keep grandma, grandpa and the little ones entertained.
  • A visit to a museum exhibition: let them choose the place, but an exhibition with you will certainly please them.
  • A collector's item, vintage: go in search of a childhood memory, an object that reminds them of many stories! They have probably already mentioned an anecdote that has marked them, try to use this memory to guide you in your search for an exceptional object.
  • A ULM flight or in a hot air balloon: some of our grandparents have never flown in their lives. Why not give them the opportunity to fly over their region? 
  • A Lush box: with lots of soaps with different scents that will assault your nasal cavity as much as grandma's usual perfume. Only this time, you get to choose the scents! 

4. Gift ideas for cousins

You sometimes see your cousins only three times a year, but you have to give them something at Christmas? Don't panic, we've prepared a little list of gifts to please your blood🩸

  • An Urban Escape Game: it's a game that is played in teams! It is therefore the opportunity to offer them a family outing, between couzz'. A little family challenge, riddles to solve, challenges to achieve and a city to discover together. Pretty cool, isn't it?
  • A concert ticket: easy, just look at what Karen is listening to on Spotify and get her a ticket for her favourite singer!
  • A video game: for experts or beginners. Make sure he/she has a console first though.
  • Clothes: from a thrift shop or Vinted is best.
  • A parachute jump, bungee jump or other "strong sensations" gift: by promising to accompany him/her to face the fear of his/her life, of course!

5. Gift ideas for aunts and uncles

Don't forget that these people have probably taken care of you as much as your TV on Saturday morning. They've also changed your nappies, given you a bottle, had sleepless nights or plasticine sessions during long babysittings, and all this without having asked for anything in the first place! So, for love's sake too, avoid rotten gifts this year and pick an idea from the list below that they might like!

  • An Urban Escape Game: several cities available, several themes to entertain them, a team game that promises to give them a good time! Give your aunt or uncle an urban adventure, and you're sure to be a hit.
  • Decorative items. The coupon "Maison du Monde" is welcome, but not very personal. It's better to choose your own decorative item that would fit in perfectly with their interior!
  • A ticket to a café-theatre, to see a comedian: because we know, they are always the coolest and funniest of the family and this gift fits them well!
  • Board games: to liven up their evenings with friends.
  • A weekend away in the forest/at the sea: a little getaway for a breath of fresh air! 

6. Gift ideas for godchildren

For those you love (almost) like your children, we have listed several gift ideas that should delight them!

  • An Urban Escape Game: depending on the age of these little wonders, different games could be suitable. 
    • Between 8 and 12 years old, opt for Peter Pan: 2 levels of difficulty with fun puzzles to help Peter find the lost children.🧚🏼✨
    • For teenagers, Crazytopia is a good choice. A crazy scenario in which you have to deal with ridiculous phobias.🤡
    • And if your godchildren are now grown up, there are other suitable scenarios available in your prefecture. Follow the link for more info.🥳
  • A visit to an animal or theme park: children always like animals! You can teach them the name of each species, get them to climb their first rides if there are any, and easily tire them out by walking around all day.
  • A chocolate creation workshop: to satisfy all the gourmands. It's fun and educational and of course involves a tasting at the end.
  • An afternoon in a trampoline park: you don't have to go with them, but it's open to young and old alike! And you don't have to be a great sportsman to jump around. 
  • A visit to an interactive museum: to teach them things while having fun. Interactive museums are the best way to make them enjoy the visit. They will be able to actively participate, try out tricks, and understand the theme of the museum in a fun way.

Any other ideas to share?

So which idea do you like best? Is there a cool gift idea we forgot to mention that you'd like to add? Don't hesitate to contact us if there is. Otherwise, happy shopping!🤩🎁

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