Interested in the city of Dinant? This article is an opportunity for you to discover the things to see during your visit to the Walloon city. 

Citadel of Dinant

Chemin de la Citadelle 5500 Dinant BE

You've probably already seen it, the citadel is the first thing you see with the Notre-Dame Collegiate Church in all the photos of Dinant! Since 1051, this citadel (formerly a fortified castle) has dominated the town of Dinant and offers a breathtaking panorama. You can reach it via a cable car or by climbing the 450 steps to the top. There are many things to discover within the citadel: Weapons museum, various exhibitions, a room in which you can experience the conditions of the trenches at the time of the 14-18 war.

Charles de Gaulle Bridge

Rue de la Station 4 5500 Dinant BE

This bridge is named after Charles de Gaulle because oral legend has it that the general was wounded crossing this bridge during the war in August 1914. The bridge was destroyed the same year and rebuilt in 1925. The Belgian army destroyed it again in 1940 to prevent German troops from advancing. Today, you will see many saxophones on this bridge, as well as in other parts of the city. Why the saxophone? Because Adolphe Sax (inventor of the saxophone) comes from Dinant. 

Rocher Bayard

Rue Arthur Defoin 5500 Dinant BE

A particular rock, forty metres high, between Dinant and Anseremme, on the banks of the Meuse. For the record, this rock is named after Bayard, who was the steed of the sons of Duke Aymon, Prince of the Ardennes. According to legend, the sons, all four of them on the same horse, were pursued by the emperor's troops and are surrounded by this rock. The horse is said to have struck the rock with his hooves and leapt to the other side. There is said to be a footprint of the horse in the rock. A rather credible legend...

The House of Mr Sax

Rue Adolphe Sax 37 5500 Dinant BE

In the very house where Adolphe Sax was born, the inventor of the saxophone (but not only!), there is now an interpretation centre. Here you can discover the story of Adolphe Sax, his career, his inventions, his techniques, his successes etc. How can you recognise her? Easy, Adolphe Sax is on a bench, right in front! 

Notre-Dame de Leffe Abbey

Place de l'Abbaye 1, 5500 Dinant 5500 Dinant

This abbey is a monastery of the Premonstratensian order, located in Leffe and inhabited by the religious community since 1152. In 1816 the abbey was converted into a glassworks, then into a paper mill, a linen factory and a brewery. Currently 14 canons are in the abbey. In 1952, the abbey revived the brewing tradition and Leffe Brune was brewed. The oldest mention of the brewery dates back to 1240.

Dinant Cave : The Wonderful

Rue de Philippeville 142 5500 Dinant BE

This cave was discovered in 1904. 850 metres of galleries of which 650 can be visited. During original shows during special celebrations or guided tours, alone or in groups, the cave welcomes you to discover its galleries, its bats, its underground river and its numerous stalactites and stalagmites. 

Explore Dinant!

You'll have understood, there are plenty of things to visit in Dinant! If you want to explore the city in an original and fun way, with your family, as a couple or with friends, think about the Urban Escape Games! With our games you will discover Dinant by walking through its streets while playing! Puzzles, missions, challenges: that's what awaits you in our Urban Escape Games! 

The Alchemist - Dinant

The Alchemist - Dinant

"The Alchemist" is an urban Escape Game played in the streets of Dinant. You will play the role of an alchemist who investigates the strange accusation of witchcraft of a village girl. Will you be able to solve this investigation, based on real facts, in time?

Play The Alchemist - Dinant
Zombie Invasion - Dinant

Zombie Invasion - Dinant

Tu ciudad está en cuarentena: el virus Z-1 se ha extendido y muchos ciudadanos están infectados. Los recursos escasean, cientos de zombis vagan por las calles. Tú y tu equipo sólo tenéis una salida y sólo 120 minutos para alcanzarla.

Play Zombie Invasion - Dinant
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Written by: Estelle
Updated at: 02-03-2023
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