We are planning to create an escape game in Binche

We give priority to the cities for which we receive the most requests. To speed up the online process, just leave us your email address. As a bonus, you will be notified immediately when it is available in Binche.

Visit the Binche by playing an Escape Game?

By playing our urban treasure hunt, you will visit the city. It's an original, fun activity open to all! You can play our games during an afternoon with friends or with your family.

Binche in a different way

Coddy are Escape Games with of course riddles to solve and clues to help you (in case all the brains don't work...). They are also missions to realize: places to reach in a given time, photos to take, videos, ... Throughout the game you will walk around Binche, which will allow you to (re)discover it while playing. This is the opportunity to see Binche in a different way...

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