What to do at Carnival in Belgium

The next holidays are coming up and you are already wondering how to keep your family busy? Whether you are staying in your own country or travelling to a city in Europe, we have the solution for you: an urban adventure!

On the program: a game, riddles, discovering the city, different challenges... In short: a great experience to share with your family or friends!

Carnival activity for families with teenagers

Keeping your teenagers occupied during the holidays is not an easy task. We'd so much like them to get some fresh air instead of sitting on the couch... Don't worry, we've got just what you (they) need! They won't even notice the time passing!

With our urban adventures, teens can enjoy a fun outdoor activity while playing with their smartphone! Via the Coddy app, they will be guided through the city center with a map and a compass to reach the different objectives!

For teenagers, we recommend the following games:

  • Zombie Invasion: for a post-apocalyptic atmosphere and a challenging Escape Game

  • Crazytopia: for an offbeat scenario, a shorter and more fun Escape Game!

Carnival activity for families & kids

We also have the perfect activity for 8-12 year olds: a city treasure hunt! These urban adventures will take your children (or those you babysit) through the streets of the city center in search of clues to complete their quest. They will have to answer questions to advance in the game and win as a team!

Discover the children's favorite game: Peter Pan! A game for children from 8 years old to live a magical adventure 🧚🏼 Together, help Peter find the Lost Children and bring them back safely to Neverland! Tinker Bell and Peter's shadow will be there to help you on the quest. But beware of Captain Hook and his band of pirates!

Our Explore games for kids

Also play our discovery games especially made for children.

Activity at Carnival between adults

It's not only children who can play during the few days off! Adults can also enjoy an original experience to have a good time.

Choose your theme from our 8 scenarios. You will discover the city from a different angle thanks to our games. Our routes will take you through places that are both touristy and unusual! You'll be amazed, even in your own city, I swear!

Prepare yourself and your team to face all the challenges of our urban adventures and try to get to the top of the ranking!

Carnival Holidays 2023 in Belgium

What are the exact dates of the Carnival holidays, or also known as the relaxation holiday, in Belgium this year? In 2023, the holidays last 2 weeks and fall for Brussels and the Walloon Region from 20 February to 5 March. And for the Flemish, it takes place from 20 February to 26 February.