The hardest thing for a start-up, and we can say this in unison, is to get started! Indeed, finding the idea, concept of your business, partners, funds, collaborators, premises, etc. takes time but it’s not impossible. On the other hand, daring to expose yourself to the public, launching your product/service without any guarantee behind it, is always a scary moment that some people sometimes avoid for too long. 

On January 12, Coddy* organized its first test for its game Infected: Rise of the Dead in Brussels. A way for the start-up to use the soft way to get started and get its first reviews on their concept. In addition to being beneficial for your startup, you help to create a bond of trust with your customers. Here are the steps we can advise you to follow: 

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  1. Prepare the ground

    If you also would like to test your product/service with your future potential buyers, you should start by warning them (it would be so stupid to forget the main actors of the test, wouldn't it?). Coddy has opted for social networks: on Instagram to tease the event and a Facebook page for its organization. You can also lean towards the more traditional option of mailing or maybe less appreciated (it has to be said) of telemarketing. 

  2. On D-day

    Even if your product isn’t fully finalized yet, don’t worry: it’s a test after all! The goal here is to gather the more feedback/recommendations/advice you can for the future, not to sell anything right away. On the day of the test, make sure you have at least one member of your business team present on site to ease the dialogue with the testers. As for Coddy, about a hundred players came to play on Sunday the 12th, for 2 hours (for the fastest of them) and ended up in a bar with the team to discuss the game. 

  3. What to do with the reviews?

    Here begins the most important step. After gathering all your customers’ reviews (either by talking with them or via a feedback form - or both), you now need to react to them. Those who have tested and commented expect a response. For Coddy, the users’ feedback have helped a lot to improve the scenario and fix some technical issues regarding the mobile app. Some ideas for future games have been taken into account. Now it’s all about proving to your clients that changes have actually been made and that you have understood them. 

  4. Writing content?

    Hence, the idea of writing a blog, sending newsletters to let your customers know about news and changes within your company, writing daily content on your networks to inform them. For Coddy, here’s a R&A (recommendations & answers) to let you know that it hasn’t been idle since the test. 

Spoilers Alert! (If you read this, you’ll already have some indications about what you can find in a Coddy game)

Want to know more?

You can find the entire R&A list here.

Written by: Coddy | Updated at: 05-10-2020

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